Mei-fang Chiang

Mei-fang Chiang(江枚芳)lives and works in Tainan. And set up her studio in Tainan and concentrated full time on making jewelry and objects.
Mei-fang Chiang has worked with aluminum as a major material for a long time. She uses the industry process and craft technique mixed, and tries to transform the practical impression of the aluminum. As for the characteristics of the aluminum, her concept of creation is based on 2 techniques: through dyeing and painting the anodized aluminum and construction method by pieces and wires.
Through the art method, she wants to give aluminum which is considered a usual, cheap, practical, not treasure material, a spiritual light.


The Other Shore-Landiag

Date of Creation: October 1, 2022

List of Materials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel wire, rusty wire

Dimensions: 3x17x7 cm

Photographer's Name: The Other Shore-Landiag

Conceptual Statement: As a craftsman, I try to describe how human beings stay with the environment and depend on each other. Then ,I try to translate the feelings into jewelries, so that people would keep the relationship as a treasure. Culturally, in Taiwanese folk customs, we communicate with the other world through the rite of burning. In this series mainly using the technique of aluminum anodizing, I keep the unique fire mark to represent how the dead lives in our heart and the way we watch over each other from both sides,through photographic composition, the work expresses the alienation and fall when life disappears.

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