Molly Robb

Molly is a San Diego California Native. She is a mother of 2 attending San Diego State University. Molly is graduating in May 2023 with her Bachelor’s Degree but will be returning in the fall to receive her teaching credential. Molly specializes in 3d art particularly ceramics, but will occasionally dabble in mixed media. She has an associates in Photography, Humanities and Studio arts


Cut Nouveau

Date of Creation: March 15, 2023

List of Materials: Cut Vellum

Photographer's Name: Molly Robb

Model's Name: Hannah Foo

Other Contributors: Mathew Fernandez Photographer

Conceptual Statement: I was inspired by a book set my father read to me as a child. He had several original copies of the Wizard of Oz series by Frank L Baum. Included in the books are original Art Nouveau works that captivated me as a young reader. For the work I really wanted to capture the feeling of an Art Nouveau work. For the cut I chose a soft colorful vellum. I took a tile and recreated it in illustrator. I then programed it to make the appropriate etching and cutting. I then copied it and made it into a wearable crown. I really enjoyed the idea of an easily repeatable work of art. My two children are too young to be able to take care of nicer hand made items. With this process, I am able to create something that is still precious and has the ability to be passed down without worrying about the thing itself

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