Mommy, can you sing to me

Erika Lopez


Artist Statement: “Mommy, can you sing to me” is a piece that is meant to explore material specificity that relates to certain moments and eras of time. It is a work of art that evokes deep feelings of nostalgia such as childhood and the comforts of home as well as touching on the tenderness of adolescence. This composition accents the feeling of time with a cadence that is rooted in tinker toys and popular cartoons that span several decades. This ‘in the round’ piece of statement jewelry may come off as a chunky and fun charm bracelet, but it requires genuine inspection from both the wearer and observer. Hidden messages, phrases and tiny charms construct a narrative of childhood warmth that also aches in melancholy.
“Mommy, can you sing to me” breathes an air of innocence to the wearer, reminding them of zero worries, reading the Sunday funnies and fabricating elaborate lives and stories of barbies and toy soldiers.

Materials: Sterling silver, copper, acrylic, tin toys, book pages, found objects.

Dimensions: 7.5×3.5×1.5 inches

Educational Institution: University of Texas at El Paso


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