Mom’s love- five-finger peach

Meichan (Amy) Yuan


Artist Statement: This brooch is inspired by Cantonese soup culture, which is the most significant category in Cantonese food culture. It shows the love and care of mother and principle of a healthy diet. This brooch shows my identity as a Cantonese, who moved to Canada and represents my homesickness. I use a a Chinese medicine plant, Five-Finger Peach (五指毛桃). The red paper label with the name of the plant is inspired by Chinese medicine cabinet (百子柜). I keep the natural look of the plant to introduce people to this food culture. “EAT MORE” is my mom’s phrase, which she used to tell me when I got into the trap of public aesthetics.

Materials: copper, silver, still wire, plant, Zhengdan paper

Dimensions: 2.9x 2x 0.4 inches

Educational Institution: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

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