Mónica Moreno

Having begun her art journey most notably as a dancer, Mónica Moreno performed and choreographed for colleges and small theatre companies in Los Angeles. While dancing she studied audio production, video production, and graphic design.

Much later, Mónica discovered and fell in love with metalwork, and mixed-media sculpture. She is presently focused on creating wearable artwork, although the digital skills that she has acquired also make it into much of her practice from time to time. She is a lifelong learner that is in awe of how many skills there are to learn that can be incorporated into the pieces that she envisions – making her an interdisciplinary artist whose creativity is constantly shifting and growing as she continues learning.


Virus Touch

Date of Creation: April 4, 2022

List of Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper

Dimensions: Variable

Photographer's Name: Mónica Moreno

Model's Name: Mónica Moreno

Conceptual Statement: We have had to reflect a great deal on what touch means in recent times. Touch means safety and intimacy. It also very clearly carries with it a sense of danger and fear. We've had to wash our hands and sanitize excessively to keep our hands from causing unintentional harm. We've had to keep our distance from others, and be wary of touching surfaces, and touching ourselves...especially of touching people we love. Our hands can carry and symbolize so much. Fingertips, knuckles, palms, back of the hands – as we've learned, they can take away a lot too.

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