Naama Levit



Wasteland, Nomadic souvenirs- beads

Date of Creation: January 20, 2020

List of Materials: Wood, found plastic parts (coat hanger, comb, bottle cup, nylon feed wire, bag clasp), Jerusalem stone (limestone), steel, copper, textile, wall putty, paint

Dimensions: Centimeters: 35x18x1 (each bead)

Photographer's Name: Nelly Kate Anderson

Model's Name: Becca Frantz

Other Contributors: Clothing design: Hilla Shapira

Conceptual Statement: I keep and collect materials I find nearby- Stones and rocks, discarded pieces of plastic, everyday objects that are out of use or broken, bottle caps, rubber bands. Fragments of being. Do these hold significance? Will I ever find them necessary? Uncertainty lingers. The concept of movement captivates my attention: the motion of objects, materials, ideas, and human beings. Jewelry, in particular, possesses an inherent capacity to move, which renders it both remarkable and intriguing. Within this body of work, my focus centers on objects and archetypes reminiscent of jewelry. Keychains, beads, and souvenirs take center stage. Once disparate elements, these new objects now assume the role of cryptid assemblages—an amalgamation of random yet plausible moments, places, and meanings. Their existence is both unyielding and transient.

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