Natalia García

I am a jewelry designer, from Bogotá Colombia. I studied Design at the University of Los Andes, where I got to learn jewelry skills which I continued to keep learning later on. I am interested in developing a body of work that speaks about emotions, spirituality, resignification, and growth. Every jewel is an excuse to talk about difficult topics. This may help us recognize and acknowledge reality as it is, as well as challenge ourselves to recognize the advantages in that particular situation, or how we can grow during conditions that are not ideal in our own view. Jewels then become symbols and reminders of a new mentality for ourselves, and a new mindset to handle future situations.


Plum flowers amid the evil hair

Date of Creation: February 15, 2023

List of Materials: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 4.8 cm x 14 cm x 16 cm

Photographer's Name: Natalia García

Model's Name: Julieth Charry

Conceptual Statement: In this photo, I pretend to highlight the “controversial” and “evil” hair of women in the Iranian Islamic regimen, with a headpiece that reflects the pain of Iranian women and how they can pursuit their integrity during the hardest conditions. For this design, I draw from the tulip (a symbol of their god), representing the search for “holiness” through impiety. Amid these hurtful tulips, a plum blossom is born. Tulips being flowers that bloom in winter are a symbol of integrity, representing the true search for holiness through integrity, which can flourish despite such a hostile and hurtful situation. Although the Islamic invasion seeks sainthood through impiety, Iranian women can seek sainthood through piety and integrity, following the example of Jesus' holiness and understanding that He gave His life for them and to pay for their sins. This headband is a reminder to Iranian women that even though it is a painful and unfair scenario, they can still maintain their integrity.

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