Navah Langmeyer

A mathematician by training and employment, Navah Langmeyer began dabbling in metalworking and jewelry making at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in 2016 and discovered a particular passion for enameling in the winter of 2019. Navah creates artwork with the colors, textures, and structures of enamels and cold connections, experimenting with techniques and methods in her minimal home studio. She’s inspired by her mathematical background, her love for water and plants, and wandering around her home town (wherever that may be). She regularly incorporates modularity and movement into pieces, and thinks of jewelry as sculpture for both body adornment and display. As Navah’s skill and confidence (as well as her tool collection) have grown, her work has increased in scale, ambition, and meaning. She discovers many of her techniques by accident, and has come to appreciate her failures almost as much as her successes (eventually).


Cornish Sea Stone Pendant

Date of Creation: March 11, 2023

List of Materials: Fine silver, sterling silver, copper, enamel, glass seed beads, found sea stone

Dimensions: 60mm x 35mm x 12mm

Photographer's Name: Navah Langmeyer

Model's Name: Navah Langmeyer

Conceptual Statement: I dream of the ocean. I dream of colossal waves fringed in foam and studded with a constellation of surfers. I dream of kelp forests with light filtering down through murky green fluid. I dream of coral reefs with rainbow fish and flying rays and gliding turtles and the click of drifting sand. I dream of surf pounding against the feet of towering cliffs, and gently lapping over the shallow dip of sand along the shore. I dream of swimming out to the horizon beyond sight of land, terrified of what lies below my ken. I dream of all the waters I’ve visited, which have buoyed and caressed me; of the world in which I long to reside.

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