Nick Martinez

Born and raised in El Paso Texas currently attending the University of Texas at El Paso achieving bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Degree plan is towards the studio practices of drawing, sculpture, painting and ceramics. Metalsmithing is work that is done on the side and still growing as an artist.



Date of Creation: April 22, 2023

List of Materials: copper, brass, leather, shotgun shells

Dimensions: 2" x 8" x 3.5"

Photographer's Name: Jessica Anne

Model's Name: Nick Martinez

Conceptual Statement: This piece is wrapped around the idea of an armed individual that is not out to do harm, aka, "good person with a weapon". This piece is to emphasize that not all people who have weapons are bad and that there are those who have what they have for the fun and enjoyment of the hobby, and it is also for those who carry their weapons for the protection of their peers.

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