nicolas thomas

French goldsmith in thailand since 1981.



Date of Creation: May 5, 2022

List of Materials: Sterling SIlver and sterling silver 18K gold plated for the collar , cubic zirconia and green cubic zirconia

Dimensions: 160 mm outside collar diameter

Photographer's Name: nicolas Daniel thomas

Other Contributors: Simple is beautifull.

Conceptual Statement: hand made tube from sheet, seam are welded . put in collar shape with hinges and lock -snakes are handmade with hand set stones.


panthere on a branch

Date of Creation: 03/08/2022

List of Materials: sterling silver with 18K gold plated for the collar and sterling silver polished for the panthere handset with cubic zirconia

Dimensions: external collar diameter 160mm

Photographer's Name: nicolas daniel thomas

Model's Name: panthere on a branch

Conceptual Statement: hand made from sterling sheet before forming and shaping a tube in collar style. handmade panther for sterling silver sheet and set with stones.


the dance of pantheres

Date of Creation: 01/09/2022

List of Materials: from a sterling silver sheet making a tube and put in shape of a bangle. pantheres are hand cut from silver sheet.

Dimensions: inner diameter of bangle is 62mm

Photographer's Name: Nicolas daniel thomas

Model's Name: the dance of the panthere

Conceptual Statement: simple is beautifull

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