Nina Candido

Nina Candido is a Glasgow based artist specialising in jewellery and body adornment. Using primarily metalworking techniques she creates wearable sculpture with forms and textures that reflect and distort elements of the natural world. Her work also draws inspiration from popular culture and mythology, in particular the representation of powerful women be they villains, goddesses or hybrid creatures. A Brazilian heritage and exposure to carnival from a young age has directly informed her passion for ornamentation, experimental fabrication and storytelling. Her practice is playful and sometimes mischievous, but always driven by the exploration of the performative and narrative potential of jewellery.


DEEP SEA DIVA (Body Chain and Nail Rings)

Date of Creation: June 9, 2021

List of Materials: Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Sterling Silver

Photographer's Name: Furmaan Ahmed

Model's Name: Nina Candido

Other Contributors: Make Up Artist - MV Brown Hair Stylist - Rhiannon Groovey (Wundercut Hair)

Conceptual Statement: You know that feeling you get when you’re swimming and are certain something touched your toes? A cold slimy feeling but you reassure yourself that it was probably just seaweed or maybe a fish? Well, let me introduce you to a powerful creature who lives in the depths of the sea, undiscovered. With fingers that can stretch to the surface of the water she grabs humans and a variety of other delicacies. Eating them whole or transforming them into a refreshing cocktail, she has a taste for the finer things in the ocean and lives a life of luxury. This glamorous monster started out as a tiny organism and as a result of her diet began to develop humanlike characteristics. Decorated in treasure, Deep Sea Diva spends her time lounging on the bed of the ocean drinking and eating and plans to do this for eternity.

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