Rebecca Kim

Artist Statement: I have always been deeply connected and informed by my body and am interested in exploring this emotional and spiritual relationship we have with our bodies. I am also interested in the way objects are like living bodies themselves. They express their own presence and energy as an entity which then has a way of impacting human bodies, creating a relationship between the two. Common questions my work often asks of me are: What is it about an object that can invoke certain feelings? What invokes certain memories? Is it the weight of the object? The texture? The imagery? How does color encourage different responses? Does comfort, or even discomfort, inform the body? To explore these questions, I utilize several different metalsmithing and jewelry techniques to create fabricated forms as jewelry or wearable sculpture. These forms are created with the objective of encouraging physical engagement and interaction between the wearer and object, furthering the exploration between the physical,

Materials: enamel on copper

Dimensions: 9 x 14.5

Educational Institution: Texas Tech University

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