Paulina Ramirez

Paulina Ramirez is in her fourth year at San Diego State University, majoring in Studio Arts, and will receive her B.A. in May 2023. Born and raised in San Diego, Paulina grew up loving and respecting Art and spent most of her life developing her artistic skills in many different types of media. Aside from creating fine art for almost 10 years, she has recently taken up an interest in jewelry making and metalsmithing. Whether using paint or metal, Paulina encapsulates images of microorganisms in her creative work. Her artwork reflects her appreciation for microbes and their importance to the human body.


Growing Patterns

Date of Creation: March 3, 2023

List of Materials: Book cloth, construction paper, and ribbon

Photographer's Name: Sean Amorde, Cora Lovy, Max Terra

Model's Name: Paulina Ramirez

Conceptual Statement: The concept behind the work is the growth patterns in microbes. Visual inspiration came from looking through a microscope and analyzing the patterns in non-motile bacteria. Non-motile bacteria are bacteria species that lack the ability and structures that would allow them to propel themselves, under their own power, through their environment. The growth in this type of colony of bacteria creates an irregular or rhizoid form, that looks similar to flowers. In order to create a piece that shows growth, I laser cut that same pattern that gradually increases in size. Layering them, one on top of the other, I create depth and form that protrudes out of the body. This piece lays around the neck and falls down to one side of the shoulder as if the bacteria itself is growing out of the body. Through the photoshoot, I wanted to highlight this growing bacteria shape. Hence why we utilized a single bright light on the object meanwhile keeping the background very dark for contrast.



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