Paxton Juhlin

I am a twenty-two year old artist from Utah, currently living in Bozeman, Montana. I am obsessed with everything we, as humans, choose to adorn ourselves with. In relation to how the materials and forms inhibit or empower us. Whether it is wearable or simply gives the notion of relation to a figure. My work focuses on the central goal of questioning one’s identity in relation to the environment and climate around them.


Boxed In

Date of Creation: April 6, 2023

List of Materials: Sterling Silver, Sapphires, cubic zirconia

Dimensions: 4 x 48 inch

Photographer's Name: Danika Wolf

Model's Name: Talia Miller, Madeleine Arndt

Other Contributors: Photography Assistant- Anna Bouressa

Conceptual Statement: Clean cut, well dressed, and presentable. We have always been told what we should and shouldn't wear. Growing up as a man I was always told you need to have a suit, tight hair, and not be too flashy. Spending the majority of my childhood trying to fit into a box. Struggling through my own identity and sexuality this work gives a glimpse into my world of trying to glamorize the simple silhouettes we are constantly surrounded by.


Baby Face Killer

Date of Creation: 16/11/2022

List of Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper, Steel, Powder Coating

Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 18

Photographer's Name: Danika Wolf

Model's Name: Trent Harvey

Conceptual Statement: Looking down into my cup I see a reflection of a silhouette. A silhouette that should be full, yet not. A silhouette that is surrounded by beings yet stagnant in the chaos. The everlasting drone in the air drags the silhouette deeper into the cup. The walls grow higher and higher until floating in a puddle of isolation. I take the last swig of my drink and escape through the side door. A cigarette hist on my lips as I strolled home trying to remember why I went out at all.


Net of Tears

Date of Creation: 12/10/2022

List of Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper, Powder Coat

Dimensions: 8 x 43 inch

Photographer's Name: Danika Wolf

Model's Name: Shadrack Muwanguzi

Conceptual Statement: Cloudy thoughts, a flash of a memory. Feeling this consuming weight, blanketed over. I walk to the window and draw the curtain. It is in these moments of confusion we find a glimpse of something, That slips away. We wake up drained and unsettled. Trying to grasp a point, with no answers.

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