Placenta ring

Zhanna Assanova

Photo credit: Zhenya Volkova

Kazakhstan (currently in Pakistan), Islamabad

3,5 x 3,5 x 2,5 inches

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My project is dedicated to all women fighting for freedom and equal rights. I admire their many super skills, strength, bravery, stamina and unity. In fact, we fight not for a kind of dress but for the choice. This project allows me to openly speak on equal rights and imposed demands that tie us up, bind and paralyse us. Through metallic zips, an aggressive material, there comes a feeling of not being free and under pressure. Oppression, fear and anxiety, fragility of the situation and a feeling of belief, struggle and hope, at the same time, characterise my work. Speaking about the character and visualisation of my jewelry, I have to say that I choose a placenta to be a leading element of my jewelry form. A placenta is a symbol of life with its ability to keep and protect us when making our decisions. The placenta symbol backs up viability idea of equality by feeding and developing it. Women. Life. Freedom.

Assanova graduated from Art school in Kazakhstan and independently designed her own technique having combined rough metal zipping with wool and textile.  She took part in NYC Jewelry Week (2022); has been nominated by ‘Born Nomad’ Kazakhstan (2022); published in Nicholas Estrada “New Earrings” book publication.

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