Polvere – Memory 6

Amàlgama Jewels - Giorgia Tasca

Photo credit: Giorgia Tasca

Vicenza, Italy

50 x 30 x 10 mm

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In this brooch, composed of synapses-like shapes, the branches are severed and their interrupted lines entangle creating a grove of elements.
This represents what happens when you are not allowed to express yourself freely and are held down unable to move. It’s what happens when you experience loss, when your safety is taken away, when you are not allowed your basic rights.
The open structures of the brooch, which should instead be smooth and flowing, close around a heart element as to protect it, but are now also reacting, fighting, pushing back and reaching out to expand to a new freedom.
The stones deeply set in the structures of the jewel, as if they were tangled in them, are the embodiment of the wounds these battles leave behind and of losses that shall never be forgotten.
The brooch is in fact both a symbolic representation and a memorial for the revolution.

Giorgia Tasca is an Italian-American designer and artist from Vicenza. Amàlgama Jewels is a blend, a fusion and a dialogue. Each unique piece is about creating rigor and disrupting it with gut feeling, about translating a stream of consciousness, a sensation into matter, with an aesthetic register that is organic, tactile and bold.

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