Rae Richards

Rae is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and zinester with an emphasis on object-making that investigated gender and sexualities. Mixing play and theory offers inspiration for them to create work that is simultaneously silly, delightful, critical, and serious. More of their work can be found on Instagram @jewelarae and @stupidzines.



Date of Creation: May 1, 2023

List of Materials: Found objects (assemblage of objects the artist cannot bear to part with)

Dimensions: 6.5ft x 3ft

Photographer's Name: Ryan Dorman

Model's Name: Rae Richards

Conceptual Statement: Objects act as vessels of past moments. It’s sentimental but also spiritual, a collection passed on through material things and genes. My grandmother’s house, my father’s shed, my studio—how did these possessions grow so unruly? How did we get here? Am I my parents? bearing examines the urge of keeping to keep. A compulsion entangled in biology, the work consumes the body, peering into an assemblage of items that might be needed one day.



Date of Creation: 05/04/2021

List of Materials: Tights, Polyfil, Adhesive.

Photographer's Name: Douglas Reyes

Model's Name: Rae Richards

Conceptual Statement: as each one attaches to another, connection no ending  sense of self entangled, fluid as it grows  queer temporality, one feeding into the next   consuming what lies ahead and behind   the end and the beginning all exist within me divinity my own named in refusal of binaries   crossroads become me, most intimately sacred   continual creation, embrace non-sequitur and proclaim dimension


Nuts and Bolts: An Extension

Date of Creation: 28/11/2022

List of Materials: Polished Brass

Dimensions: 40mm x 15mm x 20mm

Photographer's Name: Rae Richards

Conceptual Statement: Nuts and Bolts explores how gender, biological designations, binary signifiers—all seemingly movements of function—become absurd removed from their context. Systems of gender appear neutral, overarching and seamlessly integrated; this box or that, site here or there, choose this color or that based upon allotted genitalia, the binary is almost invisible—its power residing in diffusion and integration. Born of organs and flesh, assertations of category become materialized upon bodies and extend beyond into the realm of objects. Drawing upon Butler’s gender theory of performativity, this work examines the intersections of technology, gendering, and heteronormative family systems. Electrical plugs are distinguished by gender, with “male” having outward pins and “female” input slots to receive the corresponding pins—it remains a heterosexed form, fitting within the Oedipal family structure.

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