Rashele Alradaideh

Rashele Alradaideh is a Virginia-based artist studying craft at Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on metals. They developed a passion for creating wearable art as a teenager when they would take apart old clothes and jewelry to create new pieces. Their work focuses on using fiber, metals, and occasionally glass to capture the beauty of nature that we don’t often see in urban landscapes without disrupting ecosystems to do so. Their work has been worn on the red carpet of the JUNO Awards by musician Grandson, In a music video for MOTHICA’s 2022 single Sensitive, as well as on display in the Hawthorne gallery at VCU and Dransfield Jewelers in Richmond, Virginia.


What Remains of Alder Creek

Date of Creation: April 15, 2023

List of Materials: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 1x8x4 inches

Photographer's Name: Rashele Alradaideh

Model's Name: Rashele Alradaideh

Conceptual Statement: The abandonment of a mine in Washington flooded nearby water sources with high concentrations of metal deposits like zinc and copper, decimating once abundant populations of insects like stoneflies, mayflies, and beetles. Their habitat was soon overtaken by the only other insect species in the area that were able to survive in such hostile conditions. What Remains of Alder Creek is a magnified view at what the ecosystem in Alder Creek once was, meant to draw attention to harmful mining practices and their impacts on local ecosystems. The piece was melted down and recycled soon after to emphasize the renewability of metals as a material and represent the permanence of the depletion of those insect populations.

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