Roxanna Albig

Roxanna Albig has been a mixed media artist since they began making costumes in middle school, where the love of wearable art first blossomed. The relationship between the body and wearable objects is a space where Roxanna feels the most compelled to explore, whether the objects be clothes, prosthetics, technology or even houses. Their work is intense and confrontational, and pertains to layers of the human condition. They are currently working towards a BFA in painting and drawing at Boise State University.


Backbone Unfaltering

Date of Creation: December 15, 2022

List of Materials: Britannica Pewter, Jump Rings, Stainless Steel Chain

Dimensions: 3"x24"x5"

Photographer's Name: Roxanna Albig

Model's Name: Rudy Lucero

Conceptual Statement: “Backbone Unfaltering” speaks of the weakness of the flesh and the primal urge to transcend nature's limitations with man made technology. A cycle of parent to child. The spine is weak and fails as we age. It is a symbol of strength and character, yet it is one of the first structures of our body to fail with age. Bolstering it with an inorganic material seems appealing, an easy step forward to create a more ergonomic model of a person. However the material’s weight affects the wearer, showing the weakness of the natural body in comparison to a beautiful and strong idealized organ. The model's skin is imprinted with the taught chain marks and he is burdened with the knowledge his flesh body will deteriorate before the perfected spine will.

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