Sara Rahanjam

Born in 1984, Iran
2007 BA of sculpture From Fine Art, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibition:

2018 “ At the border of blue and gray sky” Saless gallery , Tehran , Iran
2015 “mania” Etemad gallery, Tehran .Iran
2013 “Blue Sky “Seyhoun gallery .Tehran .Iran
2012 “women + I “Seyhoun gallery .Tehran .Iran

Group Exhibition:
2021 The group exhibition at the Den gallery, Kuwait
2021 The Redemption group exhibition, Cama gallery, Iran
2021 The 3th patternitecture exhibition , Niyavaran gallery, Iran
2021 The discourse of persian and contemprary Iranian art, china
2020. The group exhibition.” Gorgomish”,. Niyavaran gallery.Tehran. Iran
2020. The group exhibition. Surface. Iranshahr gallery.Tehran. Iran
2019.. 7th exhibition of the international event Art For Peace
2012 The 5nd beijing biennial- chine
2010 The 2nd internayional biennial Meciteran, Crosia, Split
2010 The 2nd sculpture biennial for urban space,Tehran-Iran


Bruises Violets

Date of Creation: September 25, 2022

List of Materials: Lace fabric, beads and tapestry

Dimensions: 25.15.16 cm

Photographer's Name: Somayeh Mohamadi

Model's Name: Sara Rahanjam

Conceptual Statement: As a woman, I live in Iran, and the concern of my work is the freedom of women, The most natural right of every human being living on this planet. In recent years I have realized that this is not only my dream, but that many women in my country are working for it and are becoming more aware of this right every day. I this project I have tried to speak about the experience of pain & suffering that we have endured all these years, not only physically, but also in our soul and spirit. Wounds and bruises that remain in our bodies and minds for a long time. Wounds that cover a woman's face in the form of embroidery that we actually see and feel. Bu inside that woman, having a dream that is blooming with flowers that are a symbol of a garden. It means that despite all the restrictions and pressures, she did not fail to have her desire, which is to be free and love and has fertilized it like a child in his womb, so that one day it becomes a beautiful garden and conquers his whole body an soul


Bruise Violents

Date of Creation: 08/12/2022

List of Materials: Beads and tapestry ,lace fabric

Dimensions: 25.15.16 cm

Photographer's Name: Somayeh Mohamadi

Model's Name: Sara Rahanjam

Conceptual Statement: The project began at the same time as the recent events in Iran and dealt with the concept of women and life. This project is about the experience of pain and suffering. The figures that have penetrated us not only through the body, but also through the soul and spirit, and whose effects remain in our body and mind for a long time. Wounds so deep that they are made in the form of embroidery with beautiful stones and become a part of our body. Our wounds are like jewels that we put on ourselves, that not only make us more beautiful, but also make us grow. But their place remains like a beautiful but painful pattern in our soul and mind. This project is my first experience with wearable jewelry. I tried to get in touch with the world around me and connect my feeling and understanding of the outside world with my inner world. I am a part of the work and the artwork is a part of me. Two inseparable parts.

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