Sayo Ota

Sayo Ota

Born in Japan, Sayo Ota currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Her artistic practice encompasses the articulation of communications and connections between being an individual and a world citizen in a multi-layered manner. She explores how to embed such themes by cross-narrating beyond boundaries and the incorporating of intellectual approaches through contemporary craft on how we can observe the world.
Ota holds a B.F.A. in Medium- and Material based Art from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), Norway, and attending in the Global Art Practice, graduate program at Tokyo University of the Arts as well as doing the exchange program at KHiO where she is searching to complete her philosophy that mixes mediums such as jewellery, installation, and essay writing.



Date of Creation: March 17, 2023

List of Materials: Urushi lacquer, silk thread, hemp

Photographer's Name: Ivar Kvaal

Other Contributors: Photo by Ivar Kvaal for The Vessel/Norwegian Crafts

Conceptual Statement: Contemporary jewelry dwells between the concepts of wearing and being. It could be said that the awareness of seeking the more metaphysical form is hence intimately connected, even inseparable, from material value and the making of jewelry. These value relationships need a vehicle to make them visible and understandable. Additionally, the combination with everyday aesthetics is necessary to bring this imaginative element to the fore while preserving the vivid transition of contemporary moment. Photography as object documentation is, on this account, inconceivable without the body as a frame and reference. As well as avoiding objectivity framing on a neutral background, it has the role of prolonging the life of each piece in order to leave interpretations open to each viewer.


Wrapping Dürer

Date of Creation: 05/07/2022

List of Materials: copper, enamel, silver thread, glass beads, nylon thread

Photographer's Name: Ivar Kvaal

Conceptual Statement: Photo by Ivar Kvaal for The Vessel/Norwegian Crafts


All About Us

Date of Creation: 22/08/2022

List of Materials: bathbomb, cotton thread

Photographer's Name: Ivar Kvaal

Conceptual Statement: Photo by Ivar Kvaal for The Vessel/Norwegian Crafts. Artist BioIvar Kvaal (b.1983) is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway. Kvaal has garnered critical acclaim for his photography in Norway and elsewhere. Images from the Dvale series have been exhibited at numerous institutions and galleries, including The Aperture Foundation in New York and Musée de l’Elysée in Switzerland. The project Tethered to the Polestar have been exhibited at Somerset House in London. Kvaals project Hessdalen was recently on display at The Henie Onstad Museum in Oslo, Norway.Kvaals work is featured in Thames and Hudson’s reGeneration2 -Tomorrow’s Photographers Today (2010) and Landmark – The Fields of Landscape Photography(2014). Kvaal is also featured in Journal’s Norwwegian Journal of Photography #2 (2015) and 100 Norwegian Photographers (2019) published by Hatje Cantz.

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