Scarlet Bennett

Scarlet Bennett is an Australian jewelry and metal artist whose work explores the textures and organic forms of the land. Scarlet’s work features nature themes as they intersect with psychological, religious and spiritual traditions, exploring the meaning humans continue to derive from interactions with the natural world. Scarlet taught coppersmithing at Tharwa Valley Forge in 2018-19. She holds undergraduate majors in history, comparative religion and psychology, and a Masters in psychology from the Australian National University. She is currently expanding her practice through an MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. In her spare time, Scarlet loves running outside in nature, especially when it’s raining.


Master of Disguise

Date of Creation: April 13, 2023

List of Materials: Copper, verdigris & liver of sulphur patina; resin, cardboard and pigments (eyes)

Dimensions: 52"x35"x22"

Photographer's Name: Stephen Bennett

Model's Name: Scarlet Bennett

Conceptual Statement: Camouflage: Hiding in the murky depths, a woman faces the ruins. This work explores the theme of emotional camouflage relating to loss. The octopus was chosen because of its tendency to lurk in the depths, out of sight, changing its appearance to remain concealed. As a water creature, it represents the muddy world of emotions, and the grief that prevails. The artist wears a green dress in shades reminiscent of the sea to match the Verdigris patina on the octopus, and the image was digitally cross-processed to bring out these hues in the background. The image was taken in the burnt-out ruins of Mount Stromlo in Australia’s national capital, aligning the landscape with the theme of the work.

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