Seeds Will Be Grow – BOX05

Zidi Gong


Artist Statement: Seeds Will Be Grow
Rebuild the relationship between Plants, Food, and Humanity. As a result of continued industrialisation and the information age, access to food has become increasingly concise, but more convenient consumption patterns have left people with little concern for the origin of their food. In addition, in the study of Environmental Ethics, humans treat plant-based foods with far less moral concern than animal-based foods. This is detrimental to the quest for global sustainability. Being a Biocentrism assentor, I believe every living individual in nature have the same intrinsic value. The human quest for Eco development needs to be based on an equal respect for all creatures on the planet. The aim of this collection is capitalise on people’s desire for visual aesthetics by combining plant seeds with contemporary jewellery to inspire people to grow their own food and to lead them to understand where food comes from, starting with its origins – Seeds.

Materials: Copper, Silver Plated, Eggshells, Paper Mache, Several Plant Seeds

Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 1 inches

Educational Institution: Birmingham City University

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