Severed Finger Bracelet

Elinor Nelson-Hachey


Artist Statement: I am enamored with the pageantry of the horror genre, frozen scenes in which bodies are anatomized, dismembered, and presented in glorious framing. This holds an academic sense that is reminiscent of botanical illustrations, we see something interesting, and in a somewhat morbid fashion dissect it for not only knowledge but to appreciate its tortured pain. Using motifs of hooks, bolts, and flayed body parts to create surreal floral forms, these mangled depictions bewitch, forcing one to study their unnerving beauty. A piece modeled after tortured organs sends thrilling waves of shivers and tension through one’s body, a reminder of one’s own fallibility, creating a giddiness for life.

Materials: Sterling silver, copper

Dimensions: .5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Educational Institution: George Brown College


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