Sharon Stampfer

After more than two decades working as an architectural designer, Sharon Stampfer fell in love with metalsmithing while learning to raise metal into vessel forms. Stampfer sees her practice as a form of nurturing, in which she draws upon the patience and devotion she honed while raising children. Her work is inspired by relationships, rituals and objects that promote and celebrate human connection.

Her process is research driven. Rather than focusing on producing specific forms, she invites improvisation, experimentation, and play to lead toward new lines of inquiry. Acts of making create new potential, adding building blocks with which to construct a form language. Through meticulous documentation and collection of her investigations, Stampfer constructs a visual library for her ongoing research. Similar to the preservation of cherished moments in a child’s development, her collections capture ideas, and objects at their earliest stages, recording the stories of their evolution.


Bag Form #1

Date of Creation: March 10, 2021

List of Materials: copper mesh, copper sheet

Dimensions: 7" x 9.75" x 6.5"

Photographer's Name: Sharon Stampfer

Conceptual Statement: Submerged in the electroplating bath like a fetus in utero, Bag Form No. 1 is photographed in a state of becoming. The flow of the water distorts the object but clues about its context can be seen in the reflection. The image captures the gestation of the object, a precious period of growth that is often hidden. Here it is revealed by the artist as an intimate portrait.

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