Silence is a crime

Siavash Jaraiedi

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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It is a sad truth that the world is filled with oppression and injustice, yet it is often met with silence. To emphasize this, I have created this piece that replaces actual closed eyes with closed ornamented lips, which humbly borrow their glory.

This sculpture is dedicated to the courageous Iranians who have been killed by the regime and to those friends in prison. It is a way to express our regret for the silent world that tolerates oppression.

Siavash Jaraiedi, born in 1984 in Iran, is a contemporary artist who has been creating sculptures and writing poetry since a young age. He received his Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from the Staedelschule School of Art in Frankfurt, Germany, which ignited his passion for sculpture. Under the guidance of the esteemed sculptor Parvis Tanavoli, Siavash studied at his studio in Tehran. While he still researches and teaches architecture in Tehran, his primary focus is now sculpture and poetry. His sculptures capture and visually distill the essence of his poetry, and in 2016 he founded RAAV concept studio to house his collection of hand-crafted jewelry inspired by architecture and literature. Through his work, Siavash seeks to bring awareness to the injustices minority groups face and to encourage people to stand up for their rights, using his art to express his beliefs and to speak out against oppression.

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