Smoke a Cigarette, Take a Break

Rayce Min


Artist Statement: I was raised in a masculine way, and I was taught not to express too many feelings and emotions to be a man. However, I am still a human being, and I feel things, so I deploy them through my artwork. The appearances of my works are influenced by the creatures from sci-fi movies, manga, and even mythical religious figures, and I apply my emotions to them, therefore most of them portray an exaggerated expression. I mainly work with metals, such as copper, silver, and bronze, because I am fascinated by their characteristics, which is they are tough yet flexible enough to form into other shapes. By combining different metals, I often create sculptural table objects, but I also make jewelry works from time to time.

Materials: Copper, Bronze, S.Silver, Enamel

Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 16cm

Educational Institution: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

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