Sophie Martin Glinel

Sophie works from her South East London, UK studio where she creates sophisticated eye-catching jewellery for her award-winning brand Essemgé. The designs are inspired by the harmony of geometric shapes and their powerful symbolisms.
Essemgé signature style is timeless, distinctive and quietly assertive, mixing traditional codes with modern bold and clean lines so that you can enjoy wearing it your way and express your individuality.
Sophie is passionate about responsible making, and is an advocate of ‘slow jewellery’. She makes each adornment by hand from recycled precious metals and sustainably sourced natural gemstones using traditional techniques and tools.
Sophie also offers bespoke commission services and repairs of your old jewellery treasures
Enjoy that amazing uplifting feeling whenever you wear one of her creations.
‘Forget Fashion, Embrace Style!’


Step Out of The Vortex

Date of Creation: September 1, 2021

List of Materials: sterling silver , vegan leather

Dimensions: choker lenght approx 45cm x 2cm

Photographer's Name: Juliet Sheath

Model's Name: na

Conceptual Statement: The concept for that neckpiece is based on my attraction for coils, spirals and swirls in general. These shapes are everywhere, in nature, in man-made objects, in architecture, even in the language with expressions such as ‘stepping out of the vortex’. They are all variations of the same rotating movement. Aesthetically pleasing but also fascinating and mysterious. The spiral shape is an age-old symbol for life, growth and spiritual development. The round curves are reassuring and tactile. There are no sharp edges, which naturally conveys a feeling of harmlessness and innocence. This gentleness can be treacherous. You will find yourself subconsciously following that curl, actual or fictional, that keeps on winding round and round. There is a hypnotic quality to that movement that can cast a spell on you. It will play with your senses and you risk losing yourself without realising it. The necklace embodies that feeling, and reminds you that you are the one in control of your life.

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