Take a Bubble Bath

Jung Ki Min


Artist Statement: When we mentally and physically break down, we need to take a break. These pieces are part of the “Break” collection, which was born from the idea of seeking to alleviate the fatigue and stress of people who cannot properly rest in their busy lives. As a person who leads a busy life, cushions and foam baths caught my attention as objects and situations that help people relax. My intention is to provide comfort to people through jewelry, which is placed at an intimate distance from the human body. Therefore, these pieces take on the shape of shields, slightly larger than the human heart, symbolizing the protection of our body and mind. Using metal as a base technique, I incorporate various materials to add diverse textures, aiming to enhance tactile approaches. The wearers can interact with the piece by gently touching it and finding relief in anxious situations.

Materials: UV printing on acrylic, Copper

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 x 1.25 inches

Educational Institution: Rhode Island School of Design


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