Tangled Identities

Zohreh Khodaparast


Photo credit: Zohreh Khodaparast

Montreal, Canada

8.70 x 4.5 x 0.40 inches

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This jewelry piece reflects my personal and emotional response to the ongoing revolution in Iran. As a symbol of solidarity, femininity, grief, and identity, I used my own hair, which is an element of this movement. The gold in the piece represents hope among the chaos and the promise of liberation. To highlight the importance of culture and identity, I incorporated Iranian wooden inlay (Khatam) into the design. These elements are set in many resin tiles that are transparent, see-through, and representative of a womb-like life. Each tile in the piece symbolizes different moments and experiences, which are held together and connected to each other. For me, this connection represents solidarity, the only way for these tiles to not fall apart and to create something meaningful and strong from each bit of experience we go through. Together, these materials serve as a visual representation of the complex emotions and experiences I explore in this piece.

Zohreh Khodaparast is an Iranian jewelry designer based in Montreal. She started working independently in 2010 and studied at "École de joaillerie de Montréal" in 2016-2018. Her pieces use silver, wood, resin, brass, and powder coating, and are inspired by Iranian culture, nature, contemporary art, and life experiences.

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