Target Practice I

Mindy Herrin-Lewis

Photo credit: Mindy Herrin-Lewis

Johnson City, TN, USA

7.75 X 3.5 X 1.5 inches

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My work has been expansive in the study of various artistic disciplines. I use a pool of imagery derived from the figure and forms associated as culturally feminine to communicate concepts through narrative association. Designs are inspired by nature and explore themes such as growth, disease, preservation, and fertility. The Target Practice series was created to reflect current changes in law and the significance it carries for women’s reproductive rights. These pieces depict figures captured in site of a weapon, or more accurately the eye of the politician. Regardless of perspective, the bloodied flowers represent the harm that may result from continuing political trends.

Mindy Herrin-Lewis received her BFA in studio art from Texas Tech University in 1998 and her MFA in 2002 from Indiana University. She moved to Johnson City in 2003 to teach jewelry design and metalsmithing at East Tennessee State University. She has a national exhibition record and was chosen Art Jewelry Forum’s Emerging Artist 2002.

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