The Binding of Fenrir

Danielle Shum


Artist Statement: I am a third year BFA candidate in Metalsmithing + Jewelry Design at Indiana University. Oftentimes I often feel like a stranger in my own body. The feeling of foreignness extends to my surroundings and culture, and manifests in my metalwork. My studio practice examines emotional catharsis as a result of acknowledging cultural influences. I also explore vulnerability within body dysmorphia and identity in the painful yet necessary journey of self-acceptance. This is achieved through transformative techniques like forming, chasing and repoussé, and enamelwork. I create illustrative narratives which invite reflection on how culture and society can create trauma and discomfort within one’s physical body and society.

Materials: Fine silver, recycled silver, enamel, precious stones, patina

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 8.2cm x 0.9cm

Educational Institution: Indiana University

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