The Force of Unity

Azita Mireshghi

Photo credit: Azita Mireshghi

Santa Monica, CA, USA

6 x 3.5 x 0.25

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In the current female-led movement in Iran, women are cutting their hair as a sign of solidarity and as an act of rebellion against forced hijab and oppression. I led an open call for hair submissions, including a video of the participant cutting their hair and saying the movement’s slogan, “woman, life, freedom”, which I utilized in a video montage related to this work. I collected the hairs and created this piece as a symbolic armor against the Islamic Regime currently occupying Iran. The cuff bracelet is historically associated with female power; to me this is a superhero’s cuff: The Iranian Woman. She stands in solidarity with her sisters and fights for freedom, equal rights, and liberty; some of her many superpowers are strength, bravery, resilience and unity.

Azita Mireshghi is an Iranian-American metalsmith and studio-artist based out of Santa Monica, California. She has spent her entire life traveling back and forth to Iran and has a deep-rooted connection to Iranian culture and art. Her work explores emotions through jewelry and is process-driven, by creating textures and patterns.

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