The Growth Collection/Series1

Shahrzad Motallebi

Artist Statement: Inspired by ancient Persian art and architecture, I explore captivating geometrical shapes in my creative process. Starting with a single shape, I create connections that allow for expansion and multiplication, infusing movement and flexibility into my designs. I prioritize the act of crafting itself rather than focusing solely on the final outcome. As a designer, I define the primary components while letting the material guide its ultimate form. Mistakes and detours along the way often spark fresh ideas and unexpected directions.

For this particular piece, I utilize fine silver grains to enhance the sustainability of my creative journey. Through meticulous transformation, these grains are cast and rolled into silver sheets. With careful precision, I hand-cut and assemble these pieces to create a mesmerizing spiral shape, symbolizing the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Materials: Fine Silver

Dimensions: 6x6x2 inches

Educational Institution: Northern Illinois University

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