The Liberator (2)

Solmaz Niazi

Photo credit: Tyana Verstraete


L ± 35cm x W ±9cm x H ±3cm

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“Run Nika,
come on run
you must find salvation”
On September 20, 2022, while 16-year-old Nika was fighting for freedom on the streets of Tehran with the slogan ‘Woman, Life, Freedom,’ she was killed. I have a dream, a dream of freedom. A dream in which Iranian youth live happily and satisfied in a free world. But now, I must find a way to save them. They must stay alive. So I created a symbolic object called “Librator” to save the lives of today’s Iranian youth.
This object (an earring with three parts) has a middle section that is placed in the ear for listening (to hear the sound of oppressive forces), an upper section that is spiral-shaped and acts as a radar that gives them the power to fly, and a lower section that is a mirror so they can see their backs and escape if necessary. Also, a bag has been designed for this object so that it can be easily carried. Thus the Liberator can help them fly like how a wing does, so that they survive for the day of freedom,
For freedom.”

I am Solmaz Niazi, designer of contemporary jewelry and objects in Belgium. I have an artistic background, after years of experience and studies in the field of graphic design, I decided to follow my dream in the world of contemporary jewelry design and objects. My approach is minimalistic and conceptual, and using geometric forms and construction.

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