The Story of my Life

Marni Robins Strong

Artist Statement: I worked all my life in the food and beverage industry. I enjoyed the work, but it was long hours, working on weekends and creativity was limited to designing specialty menus and sometimes event settings. I mostly worked for the money. When I got home, I was able to be creative.

So my bracelet symbolizes my career in food and beverage with the green embroidered silk. Behind the heavy work silk, tulle fabric extends around to symbolize my creativity always taking place in the background. Opals, Citrines, Amethysts and Garnets are attached to the silver armature and protrude through the fabrics to show the spark of creativity is always there.

Materials: Silver, semi precious gemstones, opals, eco-dyed embroidered silk fabric and tulle fabric

Dimensions: 8 x 9 inches flat

Educational Institution: The Fashion Institute of Technology

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