The Weight of Knowing

Amy Beeler

Artist Statement: As a child, it was a standard part of my life to spend time with my sister, Mother, and Great Aunts hanging clothes out on the clothesline to dry and returning hours later to retrieve and fold all the laundry. Looking back on that time brings back fond memories of spending time with the women in our family. In my MFA work, I use cotton rope, also called clothesline, to construct body adornment.

The methods I am exploring use a sewing machine to speed up the making practice and the manipulation of traditional basket forming to transform into a jewelry form. My project is inspired by domesticity, femininity, nostalgia, and minimalistic aesthetics of contemporary jewelry design. I am using a combination of sewing and innovative design to create unique, wearable pieces that are interactive and interesting.

Materials: Cotton Rope, Wood

Dimensions: 12 x 36 x 5 inches

Educational Institution: Bowling Green State University

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