Thomas Bosse

A product of the Pee Dee region South Carolina, Bosse attended Winthrop University to study Art Education. After teaching in Horry County School District for a number of years, he earned his MFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Jewelry and Metals from the University of Georgia. Bosse returned to South Carolina, continuing to teach at the secondary and undergraduate levels. He now teaches full time at the University of South Carolina, teaching courses in Jewelry and 3D Design. Bosse’s work has been shown internationally as he contemplates craft, the relevance of objects, how we physically interact with them, and how they can be used to represent our past and present.


Beer Bong #2

Date of Creation: April 13, 2023

List of Materials: .969 Silver, Gilt Bronze, Plastic Tubing

Dimensions: 8"x8"x30"

Photographer's Name: Shelby Goldfield

Model's Name: Bosse

Other Contributors: Sue Amendalora (background model) Donna Ververka (background model) Chase Shotton (background model) Mihal Daisy Poler (background model) Aaron Sizemore (background model) Corbett Marshall (background model) Emily Schaffer (background model) Sarah Sindler (lighting) Sephra Reyes (lighting) Grey Von Cannon (lighting) Corbett Marshall (lighting) Laura Fortune (lighting) Ope Omojola (lighting)

Conceptual Statement: "Beer Bong #2" has had several meanings that have changed depending on its presentation, but it has always existed as a means of self-reflection and a physical manifestation of the value placed on binge drinking by certain social groups. By definition, this object has no intended function other than the rapid consumption of alcohol. In this setting, the user is approaching middle-age, with work clothes and a beer belly, being cheered on by his peers. The material value of the object and the celebration of its use stand juxtaposed to the sad reality of age, overindulgence, and shame.

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