Tiffany Budd

Born in England in 1979 Tiffany Budd is a goldsmith living and working in the republic of Ireland. Starting out “just for fun” in 1996 and growing her love and business in time with her young family. Tiffany has been making jewellery for around 27 years.
Her style is strong in geometric form and changes with her experience and skill level and the challenges she likes to set for herself.
Tiffany has worked with the national museum of Ireland to reproduce historic jewellery for their handling collection and has had her work collected by private clients from around the world.


Celestial Ancestors

Date of Creation: May 14, 2023

List of Materials: 18kt yellow gold and raspberry garnet beads

Dimensions: 32mm x 32mm x4.5mm

Photographer's Name: Terrie Burton

Model's Name: Tiffany Budd

Conceptual Statement: As a child I had a fascination with history, a connection to ancient objects which ultimately played a part in my becoming a Goldsmith.. My love for Anglo Saxon jewellery was an influence in this piece. I later learnt, I share this passion with photographer friend and collaborator Terrie Burton. I used yellow gold and garnet reminiscent of the famous “Sutton Hoo hoard”. The Circle represents our never-ending connection to our ancestors, garnets of family members and patterned finish to represent a star filled sky. I made this piece as I emerge from a time of personal grief and deep self exploration. In this collaboration myself and Terrie, hoped to convey an autobiographical portrait of who I am now. Once we were happy with the images, we printed and then distressed them with some of the tools from my bench. We used the gas torch, borax and scribe and sand-paper to texture and mark the images. Out of many, I love this image because it evokes the sentiment of the piece for me.


Flying Celestia Anstetors

Date of Creation: 14/05/2023

List of Materials: 18kt Yellow gold, raspberry garnet

Dimensions: 32mm 32mm 4.5mm

Photographer's Name: Terrie Burton

Model's Name: Tiffany Budd

Conceptual Statement: For this piece we wanted to have some fun with the idea of throwing caution to the wind. I Often talk about letting my work go into the world so with this piece Photographer Terrie Burton took my words and created this image. Making one off pieces is such a passion for me and although I didn't count how many hours I spent on this piece of jewellery, I would hazard a guess at around 40 to 50 hours, So the joke here is the flippancy with which I seem to throw them out whilst lounging at home.

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