To be Dressed in Red

Hailey Cassidy


Artist Statement: My enameled work is a different take on the average pendant. Two flower-silhouette pins attach to each side of the collar, and chains hold the enameled image of a peony flower while framing the pendant and creating a sense of movement throughout the piece. I used a limited color palette throughout, using mostly a complementary color scheme of green, red, and grey-yellow to avoid having too many elements in the already complex design. I am interested in Art History and enjoy incorporating my knowledge and different art styles into my work. The style of the pendant is greatly inspired by Gothic architecture, as seen on the back of the piece in which the pierced work alludes to imagery akin to a Gothic cathedral window. The brass frame cradling the enameled copper is vaguely inspired by French Rococo architecture.

Materials: Brass, Copper, Enamel Glass, Manufactured Chain and Pin Backs

Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 0.25 inches

Educational Institution: University of Wyoming


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