Todd Conover

Todd Conover- Associate Professor of fashion design, School of Design, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA. Todd Conover has taught at Syracuse University since 1995. From 1992-2008 Conover was co-designer/owner with Jeffrey Mayer of Conover Mayer, a high-end fashion line that was carried by boutique stores nationwide and retailers Bergdorf Goodman and Niemen Marcus. Conover, a trained metalsmith, now focuses his creative practice on one of a kind art jewelry and vessels, exhibiting and selling his work in gallery settings and to private clients worldwide.
While I don’t set out to produce work with preconceived conceptual meaning; my work is certainly a vehicle for expression of memory and experience. Although it is rarely a premeditated decision as to what my next exploration will be, I am never without a source to capture what I see at the macro level and I always search for small shapes, patterns, and details that will fuel creative spark.


"Tank" The Protective Battle Beetle

Date of Creation: July 5, 2022

List of Materials: sterling silver, copper and steel

Dimensions: 3.5x2"

Photographer's Name: Todd Conover

Model's Name: Todd Conover

Conceptual Statement: "Tank" The Protective Battle Beetle was conceived by my fascination for both insects and antique armor. I envision a beetle wearing a patchwork of protective covering. Keeping the multiple pieces in the right order was problematic so numbering them was a necessary part of the process. Instead of putting the numbers on the back I thought the added element of text would support the concept so I stamped them into the metal within clear view.


Like Dried Leaves Caught in the Wind

Date of Creation: 07/04/2022

List of Materials: sterling silver, copper

Dimensions: 2.25x1"

Photographer's Name: Todd Conover

Conceptual Statement: These earrings were born after a fall walk on a windy day. The rustle of the dried leaves blowing along my street prompted me to pick one up and I was intrigued by the brittle three dimensional forms with their twisted stems. Each one was different and unique and had its own subtle beauty. The photograph was an attempt to capture the ritual of fall as well as the anticipation of re-birth


The Patchwork Door

Date of Creation: 09/05/2022

List of Materials: sterling silver, copper

Dimensions: 4x3.5"

Photographer's Name: Todd Conover

Conceptual Statement: This pendant of patch-worked and riveted sterling silver and copper was inspired by a c.1910 metal fire door I experienced in an old industrial warehouse. The door was a patch work of randomly shaped metal pieces that were riveted together and had a wonderful aged surface patination. I remember thinking that that surface was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen and it stuck with me for many years. This photograph was taken of the pendant on another surface that echoed the concept and in my mind visually told the story of age and surface.

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