Militsa Milenkova

Photo credit: Tom Gibson

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

300 x 300 x 18 mm

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The inspiration for this piece comes from medieval torture devices (neck traps). These objects were used for detention and control and were unwillingly worn on the human body by their bearers.

Using her own hair as the torturing component, the artist challenges this notion that although hair is assumed to be a sign of beauty, once it is detached from the body, it becomes unappealing.

The piece intends to evoke feelings of discomfort to the viewer and wearer. The act of putting it on is a symbol of oppression and once it is locked around the neck, the bearer can’t escape being tortured by the ticklish texture of the cut hair and the feeling of aversion towards it. As soon as it is taken off, freedom is achieved.

Materials: repurposed charred wood, human hair, found rusty hinge and nail.

I am a jeweller based in Glasgow. I create jewellery and objects as a means of communicating my thoughts and feelings and I draw my inspiration mainly from my surroundings and personal experiences. In my practice I explore various concepts that intrigue me, while challenging my creativity by experimenting with different materials.

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