Trifecta Septum Ornament

S. Sanchez


Artist Statement: My work is centered on the experience of being queer and trans and Tejano in Texas in contemporary times. Hints of queer symbology can easily be overlooked by viewers not familiar. While all can view and interpret in their own ways, select few will be able to analyze the hidden identities embedded in my work.

Copper, the metal known for TRANSformation is a constant in my practice. My choice of materials is informed by pre-Columbian Mesoamerica metallurgy. My media is intertwined with the historical practice of using adornment as identity and power. I continue the contemporary practice of body modification as queer expression. My choice of materials informs their TRANSformation while secretly telling the tale of mine.

My work is meant to sound a bell, it is a subversive call and response. My bell sounds for solidarity in unsafe spaces, a silent ring to call to other queers. When that call is answered, new codes and methods of subversion to signal safe spaces are built.

Materials: Copper, Brass, silver, freshwater pearl, and a twig

Dimensions: 4 x 6 x .3 inches

Educational Institution: Texas Tech University

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