True Freedom and Equality

Brigitta Petrovszki Lajszki

Sassari, Sardegna, Italy

0,04 x 2,75 x 2,75 inches

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My “True Freedom and Equality” brooch is a solidarity jewellery for Iranian women and people who protest and fight for free and peaceful life. The brushed silver brooch has the shape of Iran and it’s decorated with writings and French knot stitches. “True Freedom and Equality” writing is engraved by pantograph on the whole surface, while a plus sign for “positive” and the word “changes” are hand made openwork. Red French stitches represent protests and blood shed for freedom.

My name is Brigitta Petrovszki Lajszki. I'm Hungarian, but since 2002 I've been living and working in Sassari, Italy. I studied Meal Design in the Art School of Sassari, I work as a silversmith in my own lab. I love jewelry design, DIY, and all kind of arts.

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