Born in Udaipur-India, Vershali Jain is MA in Jewelry and Silversmithing from Edinburgh College of art, Scotland.
Through her artistic practice, Jain channels the dual identity she developed by living and traveling abroad while following her Indian cultural heritage. Drawing on her deep interest in the Indian motifs and connecting it to her ever changing surroundings, she explores layered relationships in her enameled jewelry. In her work wires and thin strips of sheet are wrapped and coiled into voluminous linear forms. Hot process liquid enamel binds metal elements together as a structural element as well as color point to create a vibrant textural piece.
Vershali currently works from her jewelry studio in Palo Alto, California.


Toran necklace

Date of Creation: October 1, 2021

List of Materials: Sterling silver, copper, vitreous enamels, steel wires, cotton chord

Dimensions: 4.3x.3x58 cm

Photographer's Name: Daria Zavyalova

Model's Name: Vershali Jain

Conceptual Statement: The necklace is part of artist's current work. It is designed around the narrative of Japanese term NATSUKASHII; bitter sweet remembrances. Here she used elements of her nostalgia and mold them into sculptural Jewelry pieces. These pieces are the window to her past experiences and her cultural identity. Hanging 'Toran' is an Indian custom of putting garland often made of marigold flowers and mango leaves over the door to welcome the new energy, new life and new beginnings.

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