Jill Mirostaw


Photo credit: Jill Mirostaw

Austin, Texas, USA

18 x 10 x 7 inches

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This piece came together through the juxtaposition of many thoughts, parts and processes. I wanted to combine my past experience in the fashion industry with my current interest in metalwork. Born from an attraction to timeless beauty and the everyday world around me, it evolved into a representation of strength. The use of small singular pieces of sculpted steel woven together with brass rod mimic the movement of fabric. The fitted bodice merges the ideas of refined grace with power, courage and resistance.

Jill Mirostaw is an artist based in Austin, Texas. Her creative interests have led her to obtain education in fashion, millinery, sculpture and now metalwork. Jill fuses her Midwest work ethic with a keen eye, sense of space and the ability to absorb the world around her. The result is highly technical art inspired by the beauty of everyday life.

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