When I speak

Yiyu Cao


Artist Statement: As an artist, my journey is deeply rooted in the exploration of reflection and observation within my surroundings. Growing up, I was immersed in a somewhat nomadic environment that shaped my perspective and artistic vision. My works predominantly delve into internal landscapes, drawing inspiration from my cultural experiences and the memories I associate with home.
At the core of my artistic practice lies the act of deconstruction – Living in a nomadic setting allowed me to view my culture through multiple lenses, and break down the worldview instilled by my upbringing, piecing together my fragmented perspective.
It is through the process of observation and reflection that I engage with themes of identity, belonging, and the complex interplay between tradition and modernity. Each piece becomes a visual testament to my evolving understanding of self and the world around me, inviting viewers to contemplate their connections to culture, memory, and place.

Materials: Brass, Copper

Dimensions: 2*2*4inches

Educational Institution: Rhode Island School of Design

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