Wind in your hair

Saeedeh Rahmati


Toronto, Canada

2.5 x 2.5 cm

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This jewelry art piece is a reflection of my emotions when I saw the “unorthodox” series a few months before Gina was killed. I was surprised to learn that Jewish women are forced to shave their hair after marriage due to their religion, and it made me think of the character in the movie and of all the women in my country in similar situations. The triangle facing down is a symbol of femininity made with the leaves of the cedar tree, which is a symbol of the lover in Persian literature. On this triangle is the image of the face of “Venus” taken from Botticelli’s painting that shows the birth of Venus. This art piece is a symbol of hope for the day when the wind will blow in the hair of all Iranian women.

Saeedeh Rahmati is a prominent jewellery designer and fabricator from Tehran who has recently made Toronto her new home. Her passion for arts and crafts, combined with her understanding of the human body as a canvas for expressions of life-embracing ideas, led her to jewellery as her medium for expression in 2010.

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