Women. Life. Freedom

Shirin Sadri

"Women. Life. Freedom" Shirin Sadri

San Diego, CA, USA

This political piece represents the movement that started in my home country Iran, followed by the death of Mahsa Amini, who was brutally murdered in the custody of the Islamic Republic morality police because of the improper hijab. The title is “Women, Life, Freedom,” a slogan we started to use in our protests after her death. As an Iranian woman and artist, I made this brooch to represent the movement that went viral globally on social media, where women, especially celebrities, started to cut their hair in solidarity with the women in Iran and to seek media attention.

I was born and raised in Iran, and in 2017 I decided to move halfway around the world to the city of Los Angeles, where I eventually made my way down to San Diego. As an Iranian student and artist in the diaspora, my pieces usually contain different materials. Metalsmithing is the greatest way to show my emotions and address my concerns.

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