Yoatzin Gutierrez

Yoatzin Gutierrez is a Mexican American that lives in El Paso, Texas. She is currently attending the University of Texas at El Paso and is expected to graduate in 2024 and receive a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and a minor in metals. Yoatzin’s work focuses on creating organic art pieces that represent feelings that you cannot control whether is something that makes you feel you can’t breathe or something that makes you feel you can fly. She tries to say in her art that we all are vulnerable and strong in this life.



Date of Creation: March 25, 2023

List of Materials: Brass wire, Cat's eye glass

Photographer's Name: Natalie Gutierrez

Model's Name: Edgar Perez

Conceptual Statement: Anxiety is the physical representation of the feeling one has when experiencing many of the symptoms of anxiety. It is not comfortable. It might start out small, but it can spread, overtake your body, and leave you feeling like you can't catch your breath.

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